Announcement: #1Min2Fame: Win Fame And Glory In One Minute

Ipoh Parade will once again witness the rise of untapped talents at their annual #1min2fame competition. Happening on 15th December, this contest is open to anyone with a burning passion for dancing, singing, magic tricks, beatboxing, and stand-up comedy, to name a few. A variety show at its best, #1min2fame allows participators to flaunt their hidden talents in a bid to win attractive prizes totalling RM5,850. The only catch is that the judges can completely halt a performance if it doesn’t impress them within one minute!

 file pic: dancing
file pic: dancing

The competition comprises two categories:

(i) Category A for entrants aged 13 – 21 years, and
(ii) Category B for those aged 12 years and below.

Competitors can opt to perform solo or in a group of not more than eight (8) persons, wherein each individual or group participants will be given a maximum time of up to four (4) minutes to showcase their talents on stage.

file pic: juggling
file pic: juggling

Each contestant is only allowed to join in one performance and will be assessed on the following criteria:

(i) Entertainment Value,
(ii) Creativity/Originality,
(iii) Showmanship,
(iv) Difficulty of Technique, and
(v) Overall Performance.

Panel of judges who will be present at the competition include Danny Lee and Caven Tang of RJVN, as well as classical crossover vocalist Joseph Ng, and singer-songwriter Axel Lee.

Winners will be awarded the following prizes:
Category A: RM2,000 (Champion); RM1000 (1st Runner-Up); RM500 (2nd Runner-Up)
Category B: RM1,000 (Champion); RM500 (1st Runner-Up); RM250 (2nd Runner-Up)

* Comprised of 50% prizes and 50% cash
** 3 consolation prize winners for each category will receive prizes worth RM100

 file pic: prize presentation
file pic: prize presentation

“Ipoh Parade is proud to be hosting #1min2fame for the second consecutive year. Through this contest we hope to continue to nurture as many young talents as we can and it is the mall’s honour to be a part of the talents’ journey to fame. Registration for the competition is still open, so talented individuals who are interested can sign up online,” said Lim Huey Tyng, Advertising & Promotions Assistant Manager for Ipoh Parade.

Interested individuals can sign up via this link.

For detailed information and updates on these activities and more, visit Ipoh Parade’s Facebook page.

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