A Tasteful Lunch with An Ambience to Match

If you are in Ipoh and wondering where to have a decent meal at a quiet place, wonder no more, because this local person (yours truly) can tell you the secret location. Well, it is at MÙ Hotel, right smack in the heart of the city.

MÜnch, the hotel’s coffee house, has launched a new weekday lunch special menu in addition to its ongoing à la carte menu, to offer foodies in Ipoh another dining option.

Nasi Lemak Goreng

Special of the Day is available from Mondays to Fridays from 12 noon until 3pm. There’s plenty of time for you to chill over a plate of delicious food, and take a much-deserved break from work in the middle of the day or to catch up with friends.

Nyonya Fried Rice
Nyonya Fried Rice

Here are what you can expect on different days.
Monday – Nasi Lemak Goreng @ RM12.90
Tuesday – Curry Noodles @ RM10.90
Wednesday – Hainanese Chicken Rice @ RM12.90
Thursday – Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM12.90
Friday – Nyonya Fried Rice @ RM12.90

With such a diverse menu, I wouldn’t mind savouring lunch at MÜnch the entire week. I have already tried Nasi Lemak Goreng, Curry Noodles and Nyonya Fried Rice, so I assuredly vouch for their tastefulness. I’d give them three thumbs up, if I had more thumbs!

Curry Noodles

Meanwhile, for MÜnch à la carte, which is available daily from 12 noon until 5pm, on the menu are the following, with soup and a generous Western selection of main courses:

Cream of Mushroom Soup @ RM8.90
Grilled Chicken Chop with choice of Black Pepper or Mushroom Sauce @ RM22
Deep-fried Chicken with Portuguese Sauce @ RM22
Fish & Chips @ RM22
Deep-fried Fish with Thai Sauce @ RM22

Deep-fried Chicken with Portuguese Sauce

From this à la carte menu, I have thus far tried Deep-fried Chicken with Portuguese Sauce. This boneless fried chicken is worth every sen. Also, let it be known that the Portuguese sauce is ‘homemade’ by the chef himself. This means that MÜnch is the only place that you can get a taste of it!

Cucur Udang

The Cucur Udang is from the hi-tea menu. If you don’t know yet, Cucur Udang is a signature item served here; the yummy pieces are large and crispy, yet soft and tender on the inside, with generously sized prawns!

lunch at MÜnch

Just for your information, MÙ Hotel is currently running a Meeting & Accommodation Residential/Non-Residential Package, from RM198 per pax and from RM25 per pax respectively. For more details, log on to MÙ Hotel Ipoh Facebook Page.

MÜnch @ MÜ Hotel
Add: 18, Jalan Chung On Siew, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605-2406888
Fax: +605-2406999
Web: www.muhotel.com
Email: reservations@muhotel.com

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