Melawati Mall (credit: The Star)

A Day in Selangor: Let’s Visit Gombak

This small and vibrant yet hilly district of Gombak is essentially bordering the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, along with the other remaining areas encompassing it such as Rawang and Batu Arang. In this amazing district, you surely will be captivated by the eye-popping and buzz-worthy spots where you can find yourself roaming around and spending your time with awesome activities.

8am: Have a delightful breakfast at Teratak Nogori Restaurant
9am: Explore the astounding Kanching Falls
10am: Hop on a safari tour at Zoo Negara
12noon: Treat yourself to lunch at Coca Seafood Restaurant
1pm: Stroll around the magnificent Batu Caves
2.30pm: Get your dose of adrenaline at Gua Damai Extreme Park
3.45pm: Wander around the Orang Asli Museum
4.45pm: Stop by Durian Cendol @ Mel’s Corner Batu Caves
5.45pm: Shop at Melawati Mall
7pm: Have dinner at Wira Seafood Ikan Bakar

1) Have a delightful breakfast at Teratak Nogori Restaurant
A joyful trip to Gombak involves popping into the most cherry-picked breakfast spot in town. Noshing on their mouthwatering Malaysian dishes like Nasi Lemak and Lontong is definitely a great way to get on the ground in the morning. Delicious breakfast such as this, is one of the reasons Gombak is consistently visited by the locals and tourists. You do not want to dismiss this, for sure.

Kanching Falls
Kanching Falls (credit: Renutharmalingam)

2) Explore the astounding Kanching Falls
Situated exactly in-between Rawang and Kuala Lumpur, the waterfalls at Kanching Eco Forest Park are by all odds the best nature crowd-pleaser whereabouts in Gombak. In the interior, you will be taken to seven levels of waterfall, surrounded by an absolute eye-catching view of the natural terrain. Rumour has it, the most popular ones are the second and third levels- so be sure to check those two spots out! If you are seeking for a relaxing moment on the early bright, then this is clearly the right place for you.

Zoo Negara
Zoo Negara (credit: Sunway Hotels & Resort)

3) Hop on a safari tour at Zoo Negara
When it comes to an amusing safari tour, Zoo Negara in Gombak is utterly the most prominent site that you must include in your itinerary. There are over 5173 animals which primarily consist of 476 species that you can set your eyes on once you are there. Besides being a place of edutainment, you can also carry out events here. Be it a birthday party for your children or even a family day, Zoo Negara offers a wide range of package selections for you to choose from.

Coca Seafood Restaurant
Coca Seafood Restaurant (credit: vkeong)

4) Treat yourself to lunch at Coca Seafood Restaurant
You are seriously missing out if you do not stop by Coca Seafood Restaurant during your visit to Gombak.

This Restaurant is known big-time for their bizarre bowl of Curry Mee that is said to have captured both locals and tourists’ attention. Their heavenly signature dish with sides such as Curry Chicken is definitely going to leave you wanting more. So do not waste time looking at other eateries; this is the place where you want to be.

Batu Caves
Batu Caves (credit: lovehardtraveloften)

5) Stroll around the magnificent Batu Caves
A trip to Gombak would be incomplete without visiting the most talked-about place of worship, the Batu Caves. We all know how impressive this temple is where crowds of worshippers and tourists go to daily. The spectacular architecture that best describes Hinduism is its highlight that draws the public’s attention. Every year, the largest Hindu celebration, Thaipusam is also held here and practically involves thousands and thousands of people pre Covid-19 pandemic.

Gua Damai Extreme Park
Gua Damai Extreme Park (credit: myc!)

6) Get your dose of adrenaline at Gua Damai Extreme Park
If you are looking for a quick yet thrilling sporting activity, then Gua Damai Extreme Park is here for you. Take in a session of a rock climbing at the iconic Gua Damai Extreme Park situated very near to Batu Caves, providing you with an eco-recreational outdoor activity. This site takes you to a wide range of climbing grades to suit every sports enthusiast – beginner and professional.

7) Wander around Orang Asli Museum
Want a relaxing and laid-back spot to go to? Orang Asli Museum certainly makes the cut. You can wander around this Museum to get information on Selangor’s indigenous folks’ histories and ancient artifacts. Not to mention, they also have this amazing exhibition gallery as well as an incredible mini theatre hall that you would not want to omit.

8) Stop by Durian Cendol @ Mel’s Corner Batu Caves
After a long day in Gombak district, don’t you want to take five, to regain your energy? Therefore, be sure to swing by Mel’s Corner for the most tempting and yummy Durian Cendol ever. You can get a large bowl of Durian Cendol that comes with a luscious local durian tembaga and ice cream for about RM 20. Prices differ according to season, thus check online from time to time. So, if you drop by Mel’s Corner during a durian season, then you are in luck.

Melawati Mall (credit: The Star)
Melawati Mall (credit: The Star)

9) Shopping at Melawati Mall
It is not called retail therapy for nothing. Just by window shopping, you can easily lower your stress level from a lengthy and tiring day of travelling. Melawati Mall in Gombak is basically a suburban Shopping Mall with more than 200 retail outlets. It undoubtedly offers one of the best shopping experiences in this district.

10) Dinner at Wira Seafood Ikan Bakar
For a scrumptious dinner in Gombak, be sure to dine in at the famous Seafood Ikan Bakar Restaurant located at Taman Sri Gombak. This restaurant offers a variety of tantalising seafood options that will leave you wanting to try them all. Items that should not be missed out are their Ikan Bakar, Nasi Lemak and Kerabu which are also known as signature dishes at the restaurant.

Here you have it, the prominent and incredible district of Gombak. Everything that you seek for in your travel plans are here, just name it. From breathtaking natural environment attractions to various extravagant cultural experiences – everything is just within your grasp.

For more information, please log on to the official website of Tourism Selangor at Selangor.Travel.

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