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9th Asia Cup Men’s Hockey Tournament 2013: Pakistan vs. Japan

Asia Cup men’s hockey
1. Pakistan (green) vs. Japan (red)

The second match of the tournament saw Pakistan bring their score to seven goals with Captain Muhammad Imran converting a penalty corner in the final seconds of the game against Japan.

Asia Cup men’s hockey

Asia Cup men’s hockey

Japan coach, Kang Keonwook, admitted that the first half was played pretty badly but was confident that despite this result, they would improve in their second match, which is against Chinese-Taipei.

Asia Cup men’s hockey

Asia Cup men’s hockey

Akhtar Rasool, team manager for Pakistan, was happy with the results, but his team will not be resting on their laurels. He said, “We had a good start especially in the first half. We controlled the ball well. Our team is almost the same as the one which played in the World League but we played with a different style. However, every team is here to win so we must continue to play our best.”

Asia Cup men’s hockey
6. Pakistan’s Man of the Match No. 7 Waqas Muhammad

Akhtar also expressed his condolences, and said that the death of national player Chua Boon Huat is a loss to Malaysia. Pakistan must win the Asia Cup to secure a spot at the World Cup in The Hague, Holland in 2014.

Event: 9th Asia Cup Men’s Hockey Tournament 2013: Pakistan (7) – Japan (0)
Venue: Stadium Azlan Shah, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Date: 24th Aug, 2013
Time: 6.05pm

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