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4D/3N Visit Perak Day 4: Gopeng – Batu Gajah – Tanjung Tualang

The 4th and final day of this Perak tour was actually half a day, but it could be taxing for those who are not so fit!

It was a day to visit Perak’s major landmarks. Just by the mention of these three towns, you probably knew where our delegation would be exploring, if you’re familiar with the geography of Perak.

The first activity of the day was a tour into Gua Tempurung. There are four packages available, the two easier ones are dry tours, while the other two are wet tours.

our guide at Gua Tempurung
our guide at Gua Tempurung

Due to time constraints, we selected the first package, which is Level 1 in difficulty. It took us about 45 minutes only to get in and out of the cave. There were plenty of stairs to ascend but doable.

Read about Gua Tempurung and what makes it special HERE.

at Kellie's Castle with Gary and Jixin (R)
at Kellie’s Castle with Gary and Jixin (R)

Next on our itinerary, in fact was Kellie’s Castle. Due to a tight schedule, this stop was scrapped. Nonetheless, I included it in this post for reference because Kellie’s Castle shouldn’t be omitted for this 4D/3N customised Perak tour. It is, after all, midway to the next stop Tanjung Tualang 5 (TT5) Tin Dredge. Read about Kellie’s Castle.

The last tin dredge
For anyone who does not have a tin mining background, and in Malaysia that’s perhaps most people outside the Kinta Valley and Selangor, TT5 is rather fascinating. Known as “The Last Tin Dredge”, this is one of the few tin dredges in the country that still has more than 90% of its parts intact.

Since my first visit in 2013, much restoration work has been done on the dredge, and it looks like it’s finally not leaning to one side due to leakage.


MB Inc, which owns the dredge, has also planned various activities to be hosted at TT5 grounds, to bring attention and create awareness to the place.

View older photos of TT5 HERE. For updates, log on to its official Facebook page.

Farewell lunch
Woohoo! What it feast it was, because when in Tanjung Tualang, one should never pass up the chance to indulge in freshwater prawns (udang galah). We did it at Restaurant Seafood Thong Lok. No words are necessary, just look at the photo!

scrumptious seafood lunch at Restoran Thong Lok
scrumptious seafood lunch at Restoran Thong Lok

And so, four days of Perak tour just wrapped up like that. What “hard” work it was, eh? As a Perakian, and despite having visited most of these tourist attractions, I found added value from this special tour.

Honestly, Perak is a large state and it does have plenty of gems yet to be explored. I hope my sharing of this 4D/3N Perak itinerary is useful for you when planning a visit to the Silver State.

If more time is available, you can expand on it. For example, you can stay a night or two at Kuala Kangsar’s Kampung Labu Kubong, or instead of putting up the night on a boathouse, why not check in at a base camp in Royal Belum?

If you have any questions at all, or require assistance in planning your trip, do drop me a message via this CONTACT FORM.

Safe travels!

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4D/3N Visit Perak Day 4: Gopeng – Batu Gajah – Tanjung Tualang

Thank you very much to these sponsors for a successful tour!

1. Tourism Perak 霹雳旅游局
2. Perak Transit Berhad 霹雳运通
3. Mu Hotel 木尚品酒店
4. Sunway Lost World of Tambun 怡保双威打扪迷失乐园
5. TT5 (Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No 5) 督亚冷5号铁船
6. Restoran Sun Yeong Wai Sdn Bhd 新扬威
7. Royal Belum State Park 霹雳柏隆皇家公园

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