3D/2N Ipoh/Perak Trip (from KL)

A friend is planning a trip to Ipoh and asked me for suggestions on where to visit. Ipoh is becoming a popular destination among domestic travellers, now that our international borders are closed, and we can only Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. So, Travel Perak-Lah!

Although my friend only requested for recommendations, I decided to draw up an itinerary for him, so that he and his family will make the best use of their 3D/2N holiday in Perak.

However, before getting down to work, I asked him these questions:

1. Do you prefer hotel or AirBnB/homestay?
2. Are you driving or taking train/bus?
3. Purpose of trip?
4. When was your last trip to Ipoh?
5. Which are your must-visit places?

My friend answered the following:
1. Hotel.
2. Driving – but still prefers the hotel to be within walking distance from some of Ipoh’s best eateries.
3. Food exploration and photography.
4. Too long ago.
5. Kellie’s Castle and Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan.

Based on my friend’s replies, this is the itinerary that I came up with. I am sharing it here, so that more visitors to Ipoh/Perak can benefit from this local knowledge.

Day 1:
From Kuala Lumpur
-> Tanjung Malim
Yik Mun Coffee Shop
– pau

-> Sungkai
Choy Kee Restaurant
– braised pig trotters

-> Bidor
Pun Chun
– duck noodles
– curry mee
– tapao chicken biscuits & Shat Keh Mah

Pun Chun signature duck noodles
Pun Chun signature duck noodles

-> Ipoh
lunch at Yong Suan Coffee Shop
– nasi ganja

Dessert – Woong Kee Beancurd (Jalan Ali Pitchay)

– check in at hotel
Suggested: Excelsior Hotel

Dinner option:
Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau Restaurant (original shop, within walking distance, on the left of Excelsior)

Supper options:
Tong Sui Kai (within walking distance)
Restoran Yee Lock (back portion of eatery)
*famous fried noodles

Day 2:
Breakfast option:
Dim Sum (within walking distance, next street behind Excelsior)
– Foh San (1st choice)
– Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
– Yoke Fook Moon
– Chef Fatt Restaurant

Or Restoran Chong Yang (around the corner from Excelsior)
Or Restoran Wah Nam (opposite Chong Yang)

Or Lim Curry Laksa (in Bercham, need to drive)

Or Restoran Choong Kee “Pokok Besar” (known as Big Tree Foot/Dai Shu Keok in Pasir Pinji)

-> Batu Gajah
Kellie’s Castle (30 minutes’ drive southwest from Ipoh)
*has entrance fee, RM50 fee on camera

at Kellie's Castle with Gary and Jixin (R)
at Kellie’s Castle with Gary and Jixin (R)

-> Chenderong
Tanjung Tualang 5 (TT5) tin dredge
*has entrance fee


-> Tanjung Tualang
Restaurant Seafood Thong Lok for freshwater prawns (udang galah)

scrumptious seafood lunch at Restoran Thong Lok
scrumptious seafood lunch at Restoran Thong Lok

-> back to Ipoh

– Restaurant Rasa Sayang Chicken Rice (Hainanese)

Day 3
Sin Yoon Loong (famous for white coffee)
or opposite Nam Heong White Coffee (famous for white coffee and egg tarts)

must eat food in Ipoh
Ipoh white coffee @ Sun Yoon Loong

Or Restoran Thean Chun
-> then can walk Concubine Lane

-> Sam Poh Tong / Kek Look Tong / other nearby limestone caves

Gua Kek Look Tong
Kek Look Tong limestone cave temple

Optional to Kampar for breakfast at Kampar Food Court (so have to forgo Ipoh breakfast) (famous for fried noodles, hawker sits on low stool to fry)

-> Teluk Intan
Leaning Tower
– Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun
– M. Gulam Rasul Nasi Kandar

Menara Condong
Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

-> Sungai Besar (famous for salted fish)
-> Sekinchan
-> Meru, Klang
-> Home

Ipoh food souvenirs (tapao)
– chicken biscuits from Pun Chun
– Aun Kheng Lim salted chicken (drive thru)
– Sin Eng Heong kaya puffs
– Ching Han Guan meat floss biscuits
– Buntong kacang putih
– Gunung Rapat heong peng (coconut husk/traditional oven-baked by Seng Kee Trading or 189)

 fragrant heong peah from Seng Kee Food Trading
fragrant heong peah from Seng Kee Food Trading

– Pomelo from Tambun farm, or in town @ Kedai Buah-Buahan Wong Wei Kee
*two species of pomelos. White flesh (sweet) and red flesh (sour)

So, here is the gist that would keep any visitor occupied for 3D/2N, or even longer, especially those who are making their first trip, or haven’t visited for a loooong time. Of course, this list has to be researched further, particularly on GPS Coordinates as well as opening hours, during the current Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO).

With love

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