2nd Joint Lantern-Making Contest in Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival

Lantern-making activity to make a green leap through the use of recycled materials.

Mid-autumn literally means mid of the 8th month of the lunar calendar when there is a full moon. The festival celebrates the end of the autumn harvest with the lighting of lanterns and eating mooncakes. In Malaysia, family and friends take the opportunity to reunite and celebrate togetherness.

IPM 2nd Joint Lantern-Making Contest
IPM 2nd Joint Lantern-Making Contest

In conjunction with the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall invites members of the public to participate in the 2nd Joint Lantern-Making Contest slated for the weekend of 26th September at 2pm. This annual competition, which is jointly organised by the mall and 8 Lions Clubs from Perak, aims to unleash creativity among participants by requiring them to utilise recycled materials in their creations.

“Unlike other conventional lantern making activities, this contest at Ipoh Parade will have participants learning how to turn recycled materials into art while appreciating the cultural significance behind these lanterns,” said Ipoh Parade Advertising & Promotions Assistant Manager Lim Huey Tyng.

The contest is divided into two categories:

i) the On-Site Challenge (Category A for children aged 10-12 years old, Category B for teenagers aged 13-15 years old), and
ii) the Off-Site Challenge.

While the former requires participants to create and decorate their lanterns at Ipoh Parade, the latter allows participants to complete their lanterns at home prior to bringing them to the mall to be judged. All submitted lanterns will be displayed at the mall until the following day, after which participants are free to collect them anytime between 8.00pm and 10.00pm on the same day.

Across all categories for the contest, participants are required to use primarily recyclables to create their lanterns. “While additional decorative items that are not recyclables (e.g. button, sequins, etc.) are permitted, these should not constitute more than 30% of the materials used to create the lantern or they would defeat the primary objective of the contest”, added Lim. This aside, Lim also assured the public that the mall will continue to adhere to the government’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in ensuring the success of the event amidst the Covid 19 pandemic.

Collaborating Lions Clubs for the contest are Ipoh Centennial, Ipoh Central, Ipoh City, Cameron Highlands Hillview Kinta, Ipoh Mandarin, Ipoh Heritage, Ipoh Athes and Ipoh Vintage.

The judging criteria and prizes for the contest are as follows: –

Judging Criteria
a.  Adherence to Theme (25%)
b.  Creativity and Originality (35%)
c.  Size (10%)
d.  Durability (10%)
e.  Aesthetic (20%)

Contest Prizes
Onsite Category A (10 – 12 years old)
i.  First Place (RM150 cash + RM345 prizes)
ii.  Second Place (RM100 cash + RM50 prizes)
ii. Third Place (RM80 cash + RM30 prizes)
iv. Consolation Prize x5 (RM50 worth of prizes)
Onsite Category B (13 – 15 years old)
i.  First Place (RM200 cash + RM345 prizes)
ii.  Second Place (RM150 cash + RM50 prizes)
ii. Third Place (RM100 cash + RM30 prizes)
iv. Consolation Prize x5 (RM50 worth of prizes)

Off-Site Challenge
i.  First Place (RM200 cash + RM345 prizes)
ii.  Second Place (RM150cash + RM50 prizes)
ii. Third Place (RM100cash + RM30 prizes)
iv. Consolation Prize x5 (RM50 worth of prizes)

For more information on the event or to register, kindly visit THIS LINK.

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