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Archive for March, 2010

KLCC before Earth Hour 2010

My friend, Careyne, who is hosting me the week I am holidaying in Kuala Lumpur (thank you so much, Careyne!), took the trouble to make Earth Hour extra special for me by driving me to see Petronas Twin Towers "Before" and "During" Earth Hour just a few hours ago. As you can see, I managed to ... continue reading »

Bear Land In Clay

Mar 22, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: Photos - iPhone
everything made from clay

I bumped into a Children's Art Fair in Kinta City shopping mall in Ipoh two days ago. Well, I think it was called "Children's Art Fair" but then my memory isn't very good and shouldn't be trusted 100% LOL. Anyway, I am extremely impressed with the children's artwork on display and the one that caught my ... continue reading »

Download Nine Emperor Gods Books of Sutras

Mar 20, 2010 Author: Emily | Filed under: General, Photos - iPhone
Nine Emperor Gods 九皇大帝 books of sutra

Here is something that I would like to share with devotees of Nine Emperor Gods. It's the Nine Emperor Gods Sutras that come in three books. These look like Greek to me because they are all in Mandarin, unfortunately, but I am sure someone out there will find them useful. To download your copy of the ... continue reading »

basket-carrying Suiseki

Yes, finally, the second part of my post on the Bonsai & Suiseki Exhibition at Kinta City is up! This post will be solely on the Suiseki that was exhibited. Obviously, there were more but I only selected my best shots. By the way, this exhibition is already over and the previous weekend that I was ... continue reading »

I took these photos of a Bonsai & Suiseki exhibition in Kinta City about ten days ago. Don't remember exactly when and don't even know if this exhibition is still on but the last time I was in Kinta City, last weekend if not mistaken, it was still around. I don't think there was any ... continue reading »

I purposely made my way to Ipoh Parade last evening earlier than I normally would because I understood that someone by the name of “Master Lee” would be holding an acrobatic performance at 8pm. Turns out that the show was postponed to 8.30pm. Video (below): Master Lee pole playing I have not heard of Master Lee (hence ... continue reading »

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