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Uber NOW in Ipoh!

Despite the recent controversy, the mobile ride-hailing company Uber, is now in Ipoh!

For a start, Uber service is only planned for the month of February 2016, to capitalise on the expected influx of Ipohites and other visitors who will be in Ipoh during the Chinese New Year season.

Uber Ipoh
the Uber team during the launch in Ipoh

Ipoh is the fourth city to offer Uber, after Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.

Depending on demand, the service may be extended, after this month-long response has been evaluated.

As a regular Uber rider in Kuala Lumpur, I have been waiting for the service to roll out in Ipoh. Now that it has been launched, hopefully Uber will be here longer than one month!

I personally feel that Ipoh is not an easy city to navigate without your own transport, no thanks to unreliable public transport. With Uber around, residents and visitors will have a better, more competitive option to move around the city.

If you have not been pampered by the convenience of Uber yet, sign up for the service by downloading the Uber application (Andriod / iOS) on your phone, then key in EMILY2U to enjoy a free Uber ride worth RM20. SIGN UP HERE!

Event: Launch of Uber in Ipoh
Venue: The Deck Gastro Bar, Ipoh
Date: 3rd Feb, 2016
Time: 7pm

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5 thoughts on “Uber NOW in Ipoh!

  1. Been using Uber everyday and it sucks they are getting all these bad publicity here in KL, and I think 20%, if not more, of the masses still believe that it is illegal.

  2. Uber is really fantastic – great to know that they have opened the service in Ipoh. The team is certainly very reliable <3

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