Amanjaya Terminal

Terminal Amanjaya

My first visit to Terminal Amanjaya was about nine months ago. While some people had condemned this terminal as “yet another white elephant”, there’s no denying that it has its purpose, serving the community well in this area. Since its opening in October, 2012, until today, passengers here are given RM5 promotional voucher. For further information about this promotion, call 05-5267818.

Amanjaya Terminal

front entrance

Amanjaya Terminal

information counter

During my visit yesterday, the terminal, although modern, spacious and comfortable, was pretty quiet. I actually like the environment because it lacks the chaos and confusion of a busy express bus terminal but it is just too far away from my home. If the express bus terminal in Medan Gopeng is replaced with Terminal Amanjaya, I would strongly oppose. Hehe!

Amanjaya Terminal

spacious lobby

Amanjaya Terminal

ticketing counters

Facilities and services at Terminal Amanjaya include:

*Hotel Transit, Rest & Go – rooms go from RM50 / night, or RM10 / hour.
*bathroom rental at RM6 per entry
*luggage storage at RM3 / entry / day
*laptop rental at RM5 per hour

*foot reflexology at RM25 / 30 minutes
*body massage at RM50 / 60 minutes

Amanjaya Terminal

departure hall

Taxi fare (or car rental rate) from Terminal Amanjaya to areas within Ipoh (according to alphabetical order):
Ampang – RM25
Bercham – RM20
Buntong – RM20
Chemor – RM15
Chepor – RM12
Falim – RM20
Gunung Rapat – RM25
Klebang Restu – RM25
Kg. Changkat Larang – RM35
Kg. Pasir Puteh – RM25
Kg. Sri Aman – RM25
Kg. Kuala Pari – RM20
Kg. Manjoi – RM15
Kg. Tasek – RM18
Kg. Ulu Kinta – RM30
Kg. Tawas – RM15
Lahat – RM30
Meru Raya – RM10
Medan Kidd – RM15
Menglembu – RM25
OKA – RM40
Pusat Bandar – RM20
Pengkalan – RM30
Silibin – RM12
Simpang Pulai – RM30
Taman Ipoh – RM15
Taman Cempaka – RM20
Taman Perpaduan – RM25
Tambun – RM20
Tanjung Rambutan – RM30

Amanjaya Terminal

plenty of seats available

Taxi fare (or car rental rate) from Terminal Amanjaya to other towns in Perak:
Gopeng – RM49
Kampar – RM68
Mambang Di Awan – RM76
Ayer Kuning – RM86
Langkap – RM115
Teluk Intan – RM140
Hutan Melintang – RM155
Bagan Datoh – RM170
Sabak Bernam – RM185
Kuala Kangsar – RM60
Taiping – RM100
Kemunting – RM120
Bukit Merah – RM120
Parit Buntar – RM150
Pusing – RM35
Tronoh (Nala) – RM55
Tronoh (Mines) – RM83
Seri Iskandar – RM60
Bota Kanan – RM70
Bota Kiri – RM85
Ayer Tawar – RM90
Sitiawan – RM110
Lumut – RM120
Lenggong – RM115
Lawin – RM150
Gerik – RM165
Pengkalan Hulu – RM215
Tapah – RM90
Bidor – RM100
Sungkai – RM120
Slim River – RM145
Behrang – RM165
Tanjung Malim – RM185
Batu Gajah – RM40
Tanjung Tualang – RM70
Kampung Gajah – RM105

Amanjaya Terminal

express buses on standby

Update: Perak Transit shuttle buses to Medan Kidd bus station are available at 15-minute intervals from the arrival hall (1st floor). Fare is RM2.30 per adult passenger.

The first bus out from Medan Kidd to Terminal Amanjaya is 6am daily, with subsequent buses at 15-minute intervals.

This trip will take approximately 25 minutes.

Terminal Amanjaya
Add: Bandar Meru Raya, Jelapang, Ipoh
GPS Coordinates: N 04 40.226′ E 101 04.444′

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