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Planning to take a short break this weekend, during the upcoming school holidays or escape from the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration? Now is the best time to plan. How does a trip to Resorts World Genting to personally witness a computer graphic animated magical, musical masterpiece of a deep ocean orchestra featuring Maestro Ning, the ... continue reading »

Wasn’t I happy to discover that I was to visit BMS Organics again. Do you know what BMS stands for? It’s Body, Mind, Soul. This is a meat-free restaurant that serves healthy food only. One of my regular items when dining at BMS Organics is the BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa with handmade noodles. The taste ... continue reading »

Are you into grill-cum-steamboat dining concept? If this is your kind of cuisine, then look out for Bar.B.Q Plaza, a newly opened eatery at SkyAvenue. I do admit that self-cooking Mongolian/Japanese style barbeque does not rock my boat but I was game for the experience and was lucky to have a dining mate who enjoyed doing ... continue reading »

With the opening of Texas Chicken in Ipoh, my friends have been telling me to go and try, and find out how different it is from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Well, I finally gave Texas Chicken a visit. However, it was at SkyAvenue. The Texas Chicken outlet in Resorts World Genting is located at Level 4 of ... continue reading »

I recall what a tasty meal I had the pleasure to enjoy previously at Morganfield’s, SkyAvenue, and I expected no less this time ’round, when I revisited as part of the 24-Hour Food Trail Eating Marathon hosted by Resorts World Genting and SkyAvenue. On this occasion, we were recommended the mini platter of pork ribs with ... continue reading »

As an impartial coffee drinker, I have attended my fair share of coffee tasting sessions with Starbucks. Two of them were at Starbucks Reserve®, SkyAvenue, which features a Starbucks Experience Bar. This time, as part of the 24-Hour Food Trail Eating Marathon hosted by Resorts World Genting and SkyAvenue, I was introduced to two limited-time Spring ... continue reading »

I bumped into my Ipoh friends when dining at DÔME Café. They told me that they were looking for really kaw coffee and ended up at DÔME. I reminded them that they are not in Ipoh, best known for our white coffee, therefore, they have to make do with what’s available. Luckily, DÔME Café is said ... continue reading »

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