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The three-month seclusion of monks for the raining season ends with the ceremony of giving "Kathina Robes" to the sangha community. This is an important merit-making event of great social and religious significance for the Buddhist laity. Similar to most wats (Siamese temples), Wat Siribunyamagaram located along Jalan Raja Dihilir is also hosting Kathina Pinkama. The following is ... continue reading »

Wat Puthanimittam Kathina Pinkama Ceremony

Hundreds of Buddhist devotees, some from as far as Thailand, gathered at Wat Puthanimittam early in the morning of November 2nd to partake in the annual Kathina Pinkama ceremony. The ceremony of giving Kathina robes to the sangha community (the Buddhist monastic order, including monks, nuns, and novices) marks the end of the three-month seclusion of ... continue reading »

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