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I told me my friend that I would be at Resorts World Genting during the weekend and he asked me, "Why?" I shot back, "Why not?" When I say that exciting things are happening up on the mountains, you better take it as the truth because it is! Yesterday saw the opening of the world's first ... continue reading »

Although SkyAvenue at Resorts World Genting boasts many eateries, Babajia located on the ground floor of the lifestyle mall is one of the handful that opens 24/7. Therefore, if you seek an early breakfast, perhaps before 7am, before starting your day when in Genting Highlands, Babajia would make a good choice. Besides, they serve home-cooked authentic Peranakan ... continue reading »

What does TAI'BAE sound like? Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, of course. TAI'BAE is named as such because it is a Taiwanese restaurant that serves popular Taiwanese dishes, particularly noodles and fried chicken. Judging from the huge dinner crowd one evening when I was there for a meal, I could easily tell that TAI'BAE is ... continue reading »

Although Ipoh now has her own Inside Scoop outlet, I still haven't found the time to visit and to indulge in the most mouth-watering of ice creams. With me spending half my time away from Ipoh and the other half stuck in front of the computer, it is really a luxury to plan something like ... continue reading »

I was rather amused when I came across I Love Yoo! when I was at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. Firstly, I was tickled by the play in its name. Secondly, I was amazed that there is an eatery in Genting Highlands that is dedicated to the simple Yootiao! I Love Yoo! certainly reminds me of home ... continue reading »

Having visited Resorts World Genting rather frequently this past year, I have had the pleasure of dining at many different restaurants and cafés at SkyAvenue. A more memorable eatery was Flavurs. It looks Chinese from the outside but serves a fusion of Chinese and Western, with a local touch. Something to note about Flavurs is that it ... continue reading »

Premium coffee, pure indulgence. This is the motto of dal.komm COFFEE. Opened its first Malaysian store at Damansara Utama in November 2014, dal.komm COFFEE is the country's premium dessert café chain. When you are visiting Resorts World Genting and need a break from all the walking, dal.komm COFFEE can provide that breather, while you indulge in ... continue reading »

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