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Penang Bridge
Penang Bridge

Visited Penang the other day briefly, too briefly. Had wanted to go to Penang for a holiday since the beginning of the year but ended up going from Sg. Petani to Sentosa Island, Singapore and NOT cross Penang Bridge. Penang is a lot nearer to Ipoh than Kuala Lumpur and yet, I have been going to KL almost every month since March this year.

The World Red Swastika Society
The World Red Swastika Society, Penang
Taoist voluntary organisation

This trip to Penang was not very fruitful, blogging-wise. Penang has so much to offer but the time spent on the road was way too long compared to the time actually spent on the island exploring it. At the end of the trip, I only have these three photos to share. Pity.

IT mall Penang
e-Gate, Penang

I plan to visit Penang again in the near future and this time, I would like to really see Penang’s real attractions. Five days should be sufficient. Maybe I will wait for Blogfest.Asia 2011.

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4 thoughts on “Penang

  1. Not fruitful trip blogging wise because stomach too full from Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee & Chee Cheong Fun with dark prawn paste, perhaps. Going there during school holidays is always traffic jam packed. You need to go other times.

  2. I remember being there last Dec (non-Xmas, non PH time but School holiday time). It took me almost 1 hr to drive from Tg Tokong to ParkRoyal Hotel in Ferringhi. The traffic was notorious and bumper to bumper. Too bad, the late Tun Dr Lim and Tan Sri Koh did not improve the road much despite being residents of Tg Bungah! (sigh). Penang needs LRT or MRT!

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