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Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh

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Kinta Riverfront new hotel Ipoh
Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites

1st January, 2012 marked the soft launching of Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh. With a total of 410 rooms, including 150 service suites, it is by far currently the largest (and newest) hotel in Ipoh. This unique theme concept of luxurious living is located along Kinta River bank, facing D.R. Seenivasagam Park, or more popularly known as D.R. Park.

Kinta Riverfront new hotel Ipoh
reception counter

Kinta Riverfront new hotel Ipoh

Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, owned by Morubina Group of Companies which also owns Hillcity Hotel & Condo Ipoh, boasts a number of firsts, including the first hotel with the biggest outdoor LED display, first infinity mermaid pool in Perak with transparent glass (think aquarium), first hotel with a tin mining heritage gallery and a life-size tin mining palong.

Kinta Riverfront new hotel Ipoh
grand piano

Kinta Riverfront new hotel Ipoh


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45 thoughts on “Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh

  1. I think the hotel has not hired the operators, i called from 2 days ago till now no one pick up the phone.

  2. I wanna book wedding dinner by 23 dec 2012 but I have called few days n no one answer my call. Plz get back to me ASAP tq

  3. Im glad I found you as I’m planning a trip to Ipoh this Jun.

    Between MH Hotel, Tower Regency, Kinta Riverfront and Regalodge, which are in better location ie with easy access (walkable) to makan areas? We have our own transport but will be traveling with 3 young children so prefers hotel with good location.


  4. We’ll be driving from Singapore and Ipoh will be a stopover for us before heading to Penang. Budget not too much of a concern (of course not too exorbitant), importance is good location.

    A friend recommended Regalodge as it is in a very good location. She doesn’t know about the rest of the hotels you mentioned here.

    Also, a few other friends recommend French Hotel (2 star?) and The Osborne Homestay & Apartment.

    Our criteria:
    1. Location
    2. Must have secure/guarded carpark


  5. Thank you for your prompt reply. I’m slightly skeptical about Tower Regency as I’ve read some bad reviews of aging furnitures and the apartments being dusty despite being a relatively new hotel (2 years old?)

  6. I’m not sure about conditions and/or services. I am recommending based on location and proximity to makan places within walking distance, in your case.

    Regalodge is just next door, actually. It is older than Tower Regency in age, but I also have no idea about its condition.

    Hotels refurbish every few years.

  7. They still don’t answer phones. I called both the numbers mentioned up here. I want to make a group booking for June.

  8. I want to find whether have any vacancy for Front Office Department. I have 3 years experience in a Hotel Lines. Could you tell answer my question and I want to know how I’m going to reply for the vacancy.

    Thank you.

  9. look good,are this hotel close to any food court,famous chicken rice in ipoh,i want to plan to Penang,ipoh and KL on next month

  10. This hotel is quite close to a food court (within walking distance) but not the famous chicken rice. If you have a car, then everywhere is nearby.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  11. sorry emily for disturbing you…. may i ask a little help from you??=) im the student from UTAR kampar perak under construction management student…. currently im having an assignment to investigate the design and aesthetic features of this hotel…. 2day i’ve been visit this hotel and request to the management about the info. however, they can just provide me the information orally but not allow me to take some photos of the hotel. as my assignment currently need some of the pictures of this hotel.. would u mind that i get the pictures from you?? hope u able to help me out… thanks emily=)

  12. is ther any buffet lunch or dinner at this riverfront? or any recomment of hotel which is worth to eat?

  13. Yes, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites serve buffet lunch and dinner.

    Other Ipoh hotels that also serve buffet meals include Impiana Hotel Ipoh, Hotel Excelsior, Syuen Hotel, Heritage Hotel, HillCity Hotel, etc.

  14. Hi emily,
    Is there any vacancy for receptionist or front office?? thank you.

  15. Hi Emily,

    How near are other food establishments near Kinta? We will be staying at Kinta from May 31 – June 7 for the Asian Schools Debate Championships. Was also wondering if there are convenience stores around.

  16. one of the better hotel build recently But service at the Chinese Restaurant need improvement.

    Don’t let the poor service at one outlet spolit the image of the Hotel

  17. im suzy from batu gajah.I want to ask whether there’s vacancy for office work as admin/hr?i already passed my resume many times..mr Ao asked me to deal with you regarding this job..if you like to call for me for an interview its pleasure.please call me via 017 5373430.my full name is norsuzilatun bt shamsuddin.

  18. hi.. attending a wedding in meru in dec. which hotel do u recommend. i did try kinta riverfront but it seems that they are fully booked during the period. 🙁

  19. Hi
    I am planning to travel to Ipoh for 3 days and 2 nights holidays. I am from Singapore and I had not been to Ipoh before but heard about this hotel. I do I go about if I plan to fly there, we had 4 person and need 2 rooms. From 3 Dec to 5 Dec 2012.

    What Airline fly to Ipoh from Singapore?

    How much to pay per room per night – Ringgit?

    Is it convenient for me to move and shop around with my family member?

    Please assist and I am appreciate and up date me on my mail.

    Thank you

    Scharle Lim

  20. Hi Emily

    We are interested to have our chinese wedding banquet at Kinta Riverfront Hotel. However, we would like to check with you whether the chinese banquet is serve Halal food?

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