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This post is actually for my own reference. ETS changes its schedule so often, I have difficulty keeping up. So, this timetable is like a one-stop page for all trains that depart from and arrive at Ipoh Railway Station. Ipoh to KL Sentral Departure – Arrival 5.05am – 7.25am 7.25am – 9.47am 9am – 11.22am […]

I bumped into a giant balloon performance by Au Young the Clown last evening at Kinta City. I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to use my backup, which was my mobile phone. Obviously, it could barely handle the challenges posed by the setup plus the peculiarity of the stage act. Nonetheless, I ... continue reading »

How generous Wah Chan Gold & Jewellery is with this Key to A Diamond Bracelet contest, with prizes worth up to RM500,000 to be won! The best news is that the contest is open to almost everybody and purchase is optional. Yesterday was the first day of the contest and I participated. Although I did not ... continue reading »

The sheer number of popular restaurants and bars in Kuala Lumpur is simply overwhelming for any visitor to the capital city of Malaysia. As an Ipohite, believe me, I am speaking from personal experience. Hence, I found out that participating in a Gourmet Safari easily eliminates the hassle of deciding where to dine, or choose what ... continue reading »

One year after its opening, I finally had the opportunity to check out Mitsui Outlet Park. I admit that the prices of most branded items are out of my budget but they do have some good bargains sometimes and I love their pop-up stores (short-term tenants), too. Also, the food and beverage prices are regular shopping ... continue reading »

The town of Kuala Kubu Bharu has a few spelling variations, from Kuala Kubu Baru to Kuala Kubu Bahru and Kuala Kubu Baharu. However, mention KKB and most people would know where you are referring to. It was once the second largest town in Selangor and also the principal town of the District of Hulu Selangor. KKB ... continue reading »

This is an updated post on the latest Electric Train Service (ETS) schedule and fare for Ipoh to Butterworth and Butterworth to Ipoh.Ipoh to Butterworth (fare: Gold Class - RM33) 5.30am 11.28am 11.44am 7.50pm (Weekend) 8.58pm 10.15pm Butterworth to Ipoh (fare: Gold Class - RM33) 5am 7am 3pm 5.55pm 7pm (Weekend) 9.15pm (Weekend) If you have any questions regarding the schedule or fare, do leave a comment. Note: View larger ... continue reading »

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