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I chatted with a fellow foodie the other day about recent eateries in Ipoh. I do admit that spending so much time away from home lately, I have lost touch with its development, especially when it came to its food. One of the spots recommended was Sam Ma Chicken Rice in Ipoh Garden South, opened 1.5 ... continue reading »

I've been spending a lot of time in Ipoh lately, thus being able to play masak-masak. When travelling, most of the time, I don't have access to the kitchen, so it's usually commercial meals instead. Anyway, as you are aware, a fortnight ago, I was introduced to MamaBz multi-purpose paste. As you can tell, I have ... continue reading »

The change in weather these past few days has not been kind to me. With the drop in temperature, I have been yearning for something to warm my stomach. The Korean sizzling grill and hot pot came to mind. Coincidentally, as I was going through the memory card of my camera, I came across these photos, ... continue reading »

I was down with a cold last month while on a 3D/2N solo trip to Kuala Lumpur. Sick or not, the show must go on. My hacking cough was very irritating, so much so that my friend treated me to a glass of herbal drink after our lunch at Go Thai, Atria Shopping Gallery. Koong Woh ... continue reading »

I had the opportunity to visit the factory of D.N.S. Kacang Putih in Menglembu recently. For those who do not know, D.N.S. is a household name for kacang putih snacks and nuts. It made an even bigger splash when it became the first Malaysian company to export kacang putih. D.N.S. Kacang Putih is a fellow ... continue reading »

With the sudden demise of the proprietor of Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun in June, fans of the breakfast fare were rather worried that they would no longer have the chance to indulge in their favourite rice noodle dish. Granted, there are quite a few chee cheong fun hawkers in Ipoh but the stall in Canning ... continue reading »

Although I often eat out, my preference is actually homecooked meals. Unfortunately, I am so busy these days, that cooking at home has been a luxury, too, until I discovered MamaBz, the multi-purpose cooking paste. Cooking with ready-to-cook paste is nothing new, obviously, but MamaBz is quite an ingenious product in the sense that it is ... continue reading »

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