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It is really difficult not to break into a smile as soon one sets foot in Wonderfood Museum in Penang. How could one not be delighted when there is so much food in front of him, right? Yes, even replica food! I was made to understand that its owner has invested RM2.5 million and three […]

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you have forgotten about it, it is time to plan something RIGHT NOW! It is not too late. Some people celebrate it on the eve of Valentine's Day, some people only do it on the day itself, while those on a budget will only mark the occasion after the ... continue reading »

If you know me well, you will know that I am not someone who is crazy about food. I eat to live and not the opposite. Nonetheless, I do enjoy my food when I have the opportunity to do so. During our visit to Kuala Selangor, where we were taken to explore the many attractions of ... continue reading »

I was told that one of the places to get your local food fix while in Kuala Selangor is Cendol Durian Borhan. With a large eatery by the roadside, Borhan's huge cendol durian signage does attract a large crowd, especially on weekends. You are forewarned, it will be a long wait for your order! During our visit, ... continue reading »

I'm not someone who goes ape over food, but corn (or maize) is one goodie that I never refuse. I just love some corn, even if it's just plain corn on the cob without seasoning. So, when the Discover Selangor delegation, yours truly included, went visiting a corn field, you could imagine my joy. It was ... continue reading »

Seafood is almost like a staple diet for those who live in the District of Kuala Selangor. After all, the area is just by the Straits of Melaka. While there are quite a number of seafood restaurants in town, comes highly recommended is River View Seafood Restaurant along Jalan Besar. I guess its popularity is not only ... continue reading »

Purple Moon Lover, Ipoh

Feb 1, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Goodie Foodie, Photos - Panasonic DMC-FZ150

My friend and I decided upon Purple Moon Lover for tea recently, after narrowing down some places in the vicinity of Canning Garden and Ipoh Garden. A few new cafés have opened in these areas, so it was a tough call! We went to Purple Moon Lover without expectation. The only information I had was that ... continue reading »

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