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Book Review: The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats by SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

One of the primary reasons people visit Ipoh is for its delectable food. But one of the most asked questions is, “Where to eat?” Admittedly, even local people are not fully aware of where the best foods are.

With “The Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats” by SeeFoon Chan-Kopppen, you will have that question answered and discover more new places to whet your appetite.

SeeFoon Chan Koppen has compiled a generous list of the best eateries in Ipoh, introducing and recommending a wide range of cuisine to suit any discerning palate. Whether you are going for Indian, Chinese, Muslim or Western food, or even simple hawker fare, you can easily check out your options.

foodie guide to Ipoh’s best eats
a compulsory food guide for tourists and Ipoh residents alike

Eateries are listed according to different colour-coded categories, which make it very easy for the reader to look for a specific kind of food. What I especially like is the icons (legends) that let me know at a glance if the food served is halal or pork-free. And I particularly look out for “lip smackers”, eateries that have the distinctive stamp of approval from the author.

Prices of food are also listed in Ringgit and USD, for easy budgeting. Prices are correct at time of printing, and are subject to change. Still, it’s helpful.

This book is not merely a compiled list of reviews. It is a guide. As such, at the back of the book are pages of street maps to all the eateries listed in the book, for easy reference.

About the author…
SeeFoon Chan-Koppen is a well-known food critique who has travelled the world over in her thirty years in the hospitality industry, having a hand in setting up more than fifty new hotels throughout the Asia Pacific region and China, where she helped to conceptualise Food and Beverage themes and critiqued on food quality.

In her early career, SeeFoon was a journalist with the Straits Times Group (Singapore) and food critic for the New Nation.

Through her popular food review column ‘Musings on Food’ in Ipoh Echo (community newspaper) since 2009, SeeFoon further sealed her reputation as the one to consult for good food in Ipoh, a quiet city that she has called home for the past 17 years.

Get your copy NOW!
The “Foodie’s Guide to Ipoh’s Best Eats” is sold at a price of RM29 each. Pick up your copy at Ipoh Echo office at A-G-1, Lot 1, Persiaran Greentown 2, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh (Tel: 05-249 5936 and GPS Coordinates: N 04 35.901′ E 101 05.514′) or Meru Valley Golf Club. The full list of other localities is available in the Ipoh Echo newspaper.

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  1. With this book, not only do you not get lost in search of Ipoh’s best food, you also get to discover new and exciting eateries in Ipoh too!

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