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2017 Ipoh Car-Free Day Calendar

Writing about Ipoh car-free day posts every month for the past 1+ year, the feedback I received from readers is that they don’t know when Ipoh car-free day is hosted unless they read my announcement posts.

However, it is not every month that I get to publish those postings as I do miss out sometimes.

 2017 Ipoh Car-Free Day Calendar
2017 Ipoh Car-Free Day Calendar

Therefore, I have decided to share this calendar with you as a reference point throughout the year. You will notice that Ipoh Car-Free Day is usually held on the last or second last Sunday of the month.

Do note that there is no car-free day in June as it is the fasting month for Muslims. I hope you find this useful!

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12 thoughts on “2017 Ipoh Car-Free Day Calendar

  1. Wish they practice car free day in KL and provide us with shuttle services to encourage taking public transport!

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